About Saboteurs

From the bleak mining towns of the East Midlands, something crept wearily into the flatlands of Lincolnshire.

Escaping the hunt, it found a dark place to hide. But as every dawn broke it peered out from its shelter, longing to live in the light again. To remain caged in its refuge or to dance with the hunter one more time?

The opener from their debut EP, 'Nobody Knows Me Like You' , marries the gothic post-punk splendour of The Sisters of Mercy with the dark, foreboding rock of Theatre of Hate to create a moody, atmospheric and strangely danceable track. While the haunting slow-burn of 'Coraline' has drawn comparisons as diverse as Metallica and Mumford & Sons. That's not a description they're particularly fond of but the juxtaposition stems from the constrasting styles of songwriters Ben Ellis (vocals/guitars) and Rick Whitehead (guitars/vocals):

'We just can’t do trends. We have diverse tastes in music and end up chucking in elements from all manner of genres and smashing them together. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But when it does, it’s incredibly rewarding'.

Likened to the passionate songwriting of New Model Army meets Smashing Pumpkins accompanied by the pounding rhythms and riffs of Led Zeppelin and Deftones, Saboteurs' debut album, 'Dance With The Hunted', will be released early 2019. And the band can't wait to get back on the road again.

Wherever the white lines take us...

Photos: SO Photography Lincoln

Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis

Vocals and Guitars

Rick Whitehead

Rick Whitehead

Guitars and Vocals